Liberation from Excess, the second full-length album from Philip James de Vries

With his first self-titled full-length album coming in 2012 on Wide Angle Recordings, Canadian musician and Temparc Music founder Philip James de Vries hasn't released much in the way of larger projects since. With some EPs an remixes spanning 2013-2018, Philip finally returns to the full album format with his second effort, Liberation from Excess.

Philip's second album again sees him blurring the lines between a variety of genres, including ambient, downtempo, and melodic techno. Philip also continues to blend sporadic vocal recordings with audio recordings of instruments and synthesizers all at once. Liberation from Excess also sees friend and collaborator Ruby Randall working again with Philip, appearing on a number of tracks on the album with her distinctive vocal work.

Philip's second album will be released in the near future on Temparc Music, and he's happy to be able to share this work with you to inaugurate the return of Temparc.