Liberation from Excess

by Philip James de Vries


Released September 1, 2020

Track list

  1. I'll Be Dead
  2. Collective Lullaby
  3. Speaking
  4. Be a Sun and Everyone Will See You
  5. Lines Down
  6. Oranges in the Sun
  7. A Revolution That Never Ends
  8. River Get Clean

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Philip James de Vries returns with his second full-length album since 2012 on Liberation from Excess. Recorded slowly from 2015-2018, Liberation from Excess mixes a number of stylistic influences into a work of downtempo electronic music. Featuring many organic instrument recordings, Liberation from Excess sees Philip again mixing his own vocal work and that of fellow Ontario-based musician Ruby Randall with a blend of electronics, field recordings, and other instruments. The album floats over roughly 40 minutes of music ranging from ambient, to pop, to more experimental soundscapes. While Liberation from Excess likely won't make it into many dance-floor sets, it's a likely contender to find a home on your mobile device for headphone or living room listening.

Inspired by German Economist Niko Paech's essay of the same name, Liberation is an album about slowness and minimalism.

Liberation From Excess will be available on Temparc Music in the near future. We hope you enjoy this album.