by Jelle Kuipers


Released February 22, 2016

Track list

  1. Dracht
  2. Gezellig
  3. Lejeans
  4. Putidub
  5. Dracht (Gitchell Moore Remix)
  6. Putidub (Philip James de Vries Remix)
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Temparc Music is very happy to announce its first official release, Spangen by Netherlands-based artist Jelle Kuipers.

Blending ambient atmospheres with deep layers of harmony and highly textured percussion, Kuipers takes listeners on a journey between melodic techno and more introspective sounds. While Spangen is deeply electronic, the EP retains a sense of warmth and organicity that gives it a distinct life of its own.

The EP’s leading track, “Dracht” is a prime example of Kuipers’ strengths as a composer. Exhibiting patience and restraint, Kuipers builds eerie melodies on top of intricately placed, metallic-sounding percussion – even at times layering his ambient melodies on top of frantic, Gypsy King-speed clapping. “Dracht”, with its layers of intermittent, industrial melodic accents and outside-the-box approach to conventional dance music rhythms, creates a mood suitable for night-time city promenades or as the backdrop for a cinematographically beautiful work of film.

“Gezelling” sees Kuipers continuing the initial mood set out by “Dracht” and the dub-techno influence on his work begins to appear more audibly to the listener. Again using similar metallic pads and percussion, Kuipers blends loose vocal samples into his slow-paced melodic ambiguity, creating an 8-minute journey of celestial visions blended with the clicks and pops of drum sticks on a nearby deadened snare rim.

“Lejeans” follows as the EPs most directed work; where a shuffling rhythm slowly builds into a detailed groove marked with beautiful tonal accents and a few indiscernible female vocal cuts, giving his already warm sound a touch of humanity.

Spangen closes with “Putidub”; arguably the most optimistic work on the EP in which Kuipers takes a step away from the darker moods of the first three tracks. The lead synth work is the immediate defining feature of “Putidub” as it wobbles back and forth over Kuipers unique percussion work. Accented by staccato stabs of melody, “Putidub” is sure to leave a smile on your face from ear to ear.

With additional remixes from Gitchell Moore and yours truly (Philip James de Vries) – Temparc Music is very proud to offer you the listening experiences presented in Jelle Kuipers’ Spangen as the label’s first release. We hope you enjoy it.

Mastered by Pheek at
Distributed by Manual Distribution