by Aiden


Released November 14, 2016

Track list

  1. Folkore
  2. Gizeh
  3. Lush
  4. Retro
  5. Stark
  6. Gizeh (Philip James de Vries Remix)
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Netherlands-based recording artist Adin Hopman, who releases music under the alias of “Aiden”, offers up a stunning, psychedelic EP for Temparc Music. Aiden’s sound is by no means “traditional”; he pays little attention to fitting into any of the pre-established formulas that so often box-in electronic music. His adventurous sound leads listeners to follow his explorations actively, where ever they may lead, which is often into a land of highly coloured electronic mind-fucks amplified by his strong sense of melody.

On Folklore, Aiden blends a variety of organic and electronic sounds, including flute, guitar, and banjo samples. The mood Aiden creates on this EP is an extremely inviting one; his melodies are highly developed and always optimistic, a contrast to Temparc’s debut release, Spangen, from Aiden’s colleague and fellow Rotterdam native Jelle Kuipers.

Whether it’s the detuned, chugging guitar of “Gizeh”, the quirky string plucks of “Folklore”, or the slowly invading, wandering organ-synths of “Retro”, Aiden’s sounds on Folklore are exemplary of unrestrained, purely creative music.

We’ve been enjoying Folkore on repeat for the last six months, and we hope you will too.

Mastered by Pheek at
Distributed by Manual Distribution